Met a German guy, he is very handsome

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Met a German guy, he is very handsome

文章zarara » 週三 8月 14, 2019 7:11 am

This is the situation that has occurred. Met a German guy, he is very handsome)is true) neat,short hair with green eyes and a good body.and it's a little sugary sweet smile with white teeth. At first everything was fine, he just filled up with compliments, we talked, walked, he talked about his dreams, plans. The day could say like 1000 times, and the same number of compliments. But everything was so fast,we literally started Dating on the first day, he was very persistent!) a few days later everything changed, can you imagine?) when the topic came about that he came to Russia, he wanted and was set up next month, and said "here I will come and take you to him", but abruptly something changed and he became cold)I'm just shocked that so sharply, he said they say not sure of their feelings and all that kind. But also blamed the tough is that I don't love him, they say he feels.. I tried to get it back, but he was cold, so I ended up saying, "do what you want,"and I left... Now I'm still waiting for his SMS, really miss the way we spent time) I wonder why such a drastic change? I do not understand. Who else had relationships with guys of this nationality?..

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